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CNBC primarily carries business day coverage of U.S. and international financial markets.

Political alignment

All media organizations are reporting from their own world view. Some call this political alignment, some editorial leaning and, and some media bias. We call them Narratives.


Sites are mainly promoting views with Moderate or Liberal political alignment. They usually support the local Establishment with the exception of Trump. Yet, on a geopolitical level they are usually supporting the Western Coalition.

Funding / Ownership

We’ve done research on who owns or funds the site so you can learn easier about possible funding bias or conflicts of interests.

Media Conglomerate

media conglomerates and large publishers


The reason we show relations to CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission and Chatham House is because there was a study made by Swiss Propaganda Research. They found out that many western news media have relations to those organizations.

  • CFR

    Cesar Conde (Chairman of NBCUniversal) and Andrew Ross Sorkin (anchor) are members.


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